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Sugar and Periodontics: Minding your Diet

admin 1 - Wednesday, October 11, 2017
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Periodontics, as a practice, contends with many of the broader trends that impact upon our dental health. And one of the most notable is our sugar intake. An additive to many foods, high amounts of this product have been causing ill effects among teeth and gums throughout Australia, and this trend is continuing to grow and impact us.

Sugar, when ingested, reacts with your saliva to create plaque, which is acidic. This substance attacks the hard enamel of your teeth, and over time, can cause breaches and cavities to form. Typically, these issues are kept in check with proper teeth brushing and flossing, along with professional cleaning. However, the increased usage of sugar among food manufacturers has meant our teeth are being asked to withstand an almost unending assault.

The increased use of sugar has placed it as an additive in to some otherwise innocent food groups. Foods such as breads and granola bars aren’t generally thought of as being high in sugar, but the mildly addictive qualities of this substance have - purportedly - encouraged its addition.

As such, we need to ensure that we remain vigilant about the sugar intake of ourselves, and particularly, our children. At National Periodontics, we have taken note of an upswing in the number of cavities presenting at our clinic, in children as young as two. Among adults, an increase in gum disease often accompanies a high-sugar diet. All of this says nothing of the other issues associated with consuming so much sugar, such as increased rates of diabetes and obesity. So keep an eye on those labels.

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